Wines of the Peloponnese – united and strong on all fronts!

Wines of the Peloponnese – united and strong on all fronts!

Wines of the Peloponnese – united and strong on all fronts!

The Wines of the Peloponnese (ENOAP) is an association of wineries that has a deep understanding of the power that they have when united. They have been tackling the challenges of the domestic and international markets together, their membership base is growing every year and, in general, they are going from strength to strength!

Vicky Corbeels

Vicky Corbeels

The latest success story of the association is the successful event they recently organized in Brussels. I will let Vicky Corbeels, the event organizer and our Greek wine ambassador in Belgium, to explain:

As if weeks passed in a few seconds, the organization of the promotion of Peloponnese wines in Belgium was a fact. Imagine the moment when wine producers are bottling, checking the state of the vineyards during a strong winter uppercut, preparing for the new year to produce an excellent vintage.

In those turbulent moments, I, a Belgian aficionada of Greek wines, suggested to organize a promotional event in Belgium and the Netherlands. It is because of the enthusiasm of some signature winemakers, like Yiannis Paraskevopoulos, Aristos Spanos and George Skouras who jumped immediately on the wagon, and the strong persuasion of insiders like Stavroula Liapi and Manolis Giamniadakis, that the ball got rolling.

ENOAP, presided by winemaker Yannis Tselepos, saw the opportunity of stepping outside of the beaten tracks and coming to Belgium for a renewal of long-standing friendship with the Belgian-Greek consumer. Little did anyone imagine the power of interest that sommeliers, importers and wineshop owners all over the country showed for Greek wines. I knew, since I had been talking in an exciting way about Greek fine wines, and teaching them to hotel schools and private customers, for more than two years.

The events were going to be two-fold: a masterclass in Dutch and French with tastings on 13 January, and a food-pairing and tasting on 14 January. All B2B, with the support of Greek wine importers in Belgium, the Greek Embassy and restaurant Strofilia in Brussels.

In the end it was definitely a worthwhile journey: getting some 70 professionals around the tasting tables, all thirsty to know more about Greek, and this time specifically the wines of the Peloponnese.

This event was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Wine producers who don’t have a market in Belgium were able to meet and convince the most exigent Belgian tasters. Wine producers with a market share already, discovered a vast potential of new Greek wine lovers.

This friendship is only the beginning. More promotional initiatives are on the way. Belgian and Dutch and Luxemburg wine lovers better be warned: we are coming to a theatre near you!

Who is Vicky Corbeels

Vicky CorbeelsVicky Corbeels (Brussels, 41 years old) was elected Wine Lady of the Year in Belgium in 2015. Being a freelance wine consultant and sommelier, wine journalist and wine teacher, her passion for Greek Wines grew over the past three years. She made seven trips to several Greek wine regions in preparation of her (to be published) book “Greek Wines on the Map”. She met more than 100 Greek wine professionals, joined the Thessaloniki Wine and Spirit Competition and started promoting Greek wines on an independent basis. Vicky’s long-term aspiration as self-declared Ambassador of Greek wines is to show the excellent quality and potential of Greek wines to the professional and end-consumers’ public in Belgium and beyond. According to Vicky, the momentum has come to take Greek wine promotion seriously, professionally and without any prejudice.

She is managing her consultancy activity “Viconsult” and 2 blogs in Dutch ( and She has published article in the Greek media (Oenohoos Magazine, Discovery Network,, while other articles in Belgian specialized media show the professional interest which Vicky was able to wake up for Greek wines.


ENOAP is organizing and hosting the
Peloponnese Wine Festival
in Athens on Sunday 19 February 2017.

If you are in or near the capital,
don’t miss it!

Ted Lelekas founder.

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