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Our moto is “Quality in winemaking has no limits”.
We will endeavour to find all the potential of our terroir.

latourmelas-logo“We bet that we could produce a 1st growth wine in Greece.

We took up the challenge and in 2000, decided to plant the vineyard at La Tour Melas. Earth analysis revealed the Soil would be perfect for planting Merlot, and Cabernet Franc vines.

The terroir, the inclination, the fantastic climate and the proximity of the Aegean Sea, with evening breeze to cool the vines create the ideal micro-climate for our vineyard. We have embraced ecological, and biodynamic principles in our agriculture and wine-making.

In 2006 we dug in to the mountain, and constructed an ultra-modern gravity fed winery. We are constantly investing to upgrade our wine-making equipment and methods.

Our latest project “La Tour Melas Lodges” is becoming reality. We will have 14 luxury rooms completed for April 2017. These rooms will mainly serve the wine lovers who want to visit La Tour Melas, or any agro tourism fans who would like to visit our historically cultural rich and beautiful area.

After 17 years, the hard work, the expertise of our team of winemakers, and laborers, La Tour Melas has been able to produce one of the best red and rosé wines the Greek terroir has to offer.

We have been accredited with numerous medals, and La Tour Melas has helped rehabilitate the reputation of Greek wine around the world.

Lately we have ventured to highlight the Greek terroir with old indigenous Greek varieties. We have produced wine from 100 year old ungrafted, “franc de pied” Agiorgitiko (pre Philloxera) grapes from Nemea. The resulting wine has been as astonishing as the terroir it is coming from. Furthermore this summer we just launched our Rose wine called “Idylle” made entirely of Agiorgitiko grapes.

Our philosophy is that wine making has no end in quality, and we will endeavor to find all the potential of our terroir in the future. ”


The Terroir – The soil
The vineyard of La Tour Melas is located in the village of Achinos, Central Greece. The terroir of sloping terraces is composed of alluvial gravels of the Quaternary and rises up to 200 meters above the sea level, separated only by two kilometers. These gravels mainly consist of clays, sands, grits and limestone coastal conglomerates.

The subsoil, more intricate and showing on the surface, from place to place on the different rounded hilltops, is the reflection of a more ancient history of Greece with its marine sedimentary origins which were altered by fold plates. This subsoil can comprise schist, siliceous deposits and marly limestone dating back to the Mesozoic.

On the ten hectares that now compose the property of La Tour Melas, only three are growing red vines of Cabernet Franc and Merlot. The first grapevines were planted in 2001.


The Climate
Typically Mediterranean climate. Mild wet winters, with hot and dry summers. Low rainfall between 600 and 700 mm. The impact of the sea is very important as the breeze brings humidity and maintains the grapevines cool during the day, whereas the rocky soil keeps the vines warm at night. The terraces are Northeast facing. All these elements combined offer an ideal micro-climate.

Vine growing

  • Farming: Organic with numerous biodynamic principles.
  • Pruning: Guyot method.
  • The Vines: Merlot and Cabernet Franc. 10 000 plants / hectare.
  • Harvest: By hand. Parcel and intra-parcel selections.

The Wines


La Tour Melas 2014

Dry Red Wine

A magnificently-made “Bordeaux blend” from the beautiful vineyards of La Tour Melas in Achinos. Densely-planted, meticulously cared-for vines, produce the raw material for one of the most successful Greek red wines. Ripe black fruit with notes of fresh mint and a hint of pipe tobacco rule the nose, while the palate is firm yet elegant, leading to a delightfully long aftertaste. Roast pork or even a suckling pig would be its top companions at the table.
(Ted Lelekas, January 2017)

Cabernet Franc, Merlot

ALC: 14.5% abv


Palies Rizes 2014

Dry Red Wine

This is one of the finest samples of Agiorgitiko available. 100+ year-old ungrafted vines, deeply rooted in the dry and stony archaeological site of Ancient Floiountas, carefully vinified and matured, produce a powerful, rich full red wine that oozes fresh fruit and spice aromas in the nose and feels rich and concentrated on the palate, with textbook length. This is a wine to savored next to a juicy ribeye steak that has just come off the fire grill.
(Ted Lelekas, January 2017)

100% Agiorgitiko

ALC: 13.5% abv

Idylle d’ Achinos 2016

Idylle d’ Achinos 2016

Dry Rosé Wine

The epitome of rosé elegance and style, and not just to look at. This is one of the top sellers in the Greek rosé segment, and quite rightly so. Its grape blend ensures aromatic complexity and depth, while careful vinification guarantees a wine with finesse, balance and length. Versatility is also one of its many virtues: it can be enjoyed all year throughout the day, either as an aperitif, or paired with seafood tartare and other delicate textures and flavors.
(Ted Lelekas, March 2017)

Grenache, Syrah, Agiorgitiko

ALC: 13% abv

Red Wines

Palies Rizes 2014
GRAPE/BLEND: Agiorgitiko
ALC: 14% abv

La Tour Melas 2014
GRAPE/BLEND: Merlot 42%, Cabernet Franc 58%
ALC: 14% abv

GRAPE/BLEND: Merlot 28%, Cabernet Franc 32%, Agiorgitiko 40%
ALC: 14% abv

Rosé Wines

IDYLLE d’Achinos 2016
GRAPE/BLEND: Agiorgitiko 1/3, Syrah 1/3, Grenache Noir 1/3
ALC: 13.5% abv

Ratings & Awards

La Tour Melas

Wine Vintage Competition Prize Year
La Tour Melas 2012 Decanter World Wine Award Silver 2015
La Tour Melas 2011 Decanter World Wine Award Silver 2014
La Tour Melas 2011 Mundus Vini Gold 2014
La Tour Melas 2010 Decanter Asia Wine Award Bronze 2013
La Tour Melas 2008 Sommelier Wine Awards Silver 2013
La Tour Melas 2010 Sommelier Wine Awards Silver 2013


Wine Vintage Competition Prize Year
ΠΑΛΙΕΣ ΡΙΖΕΣ 2013 Mundus Vini Gold 2014

Cyrus One

Wine Vintage Competition Prize Year
Cyrus One 2013 Decanter World Wine Award Bronze 2015
Cyrus One 2009 Decanter World Wine Award Bronze 2013

Idylle d’Achinos

Wine Vintage Competition Prize Year
Idylle d’Achinos 2014 Decanter World Wine Award Bronze 2015

Jancis Robinson

  • ΠΑΛΙΕΣ ΡΙΖΕΣ | 2013 | 17/20
  • La Tour Melas | 2012 | 16,5+/20
  • La Tour Melas | 2011 | 17+/20
  • La Tour Melas | 2010 | 17+/20

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