Kitrvs Winery


Our vineyard along with the winery is situated, not accidentally, in an area that has been populated from ancient times. As from 6th century the nearby village of Pydna was the Holly See and up to the liberation the residence of the ottoman sovereign.

Our main goal is to produce live wines that compose within the power of the nature and the labour of the man. Such wines involve obedience to the rules of the nature, knowledge management, everlasting discipline, patience. alterness, obsession with quality even if all these go against the common logic, exchange of ideas and experiences woth people who serve the same goals. The combinational existence of these parametres extracts from hardshipped vineyards the best outcome and defines the final result.

Kitrvs Winery
Pydna 60064, Greece
T. 23510 77724
F. 23510 77709