Gikas Winery


There’s something very inviting about the Gikas Winery as soon as you set eyes on it. Once you enter into the attractive large wooden door at the front of the caste-like stone structure you’ll be impressed with the high-tech equipment, barrels and vats that represent its beating heart.

In the backyard of the property, cozily situated in the stone-built annex, the wine-tasting hall will captivate you with a variety of flavors, bouquets and palates. Wines made with the white Greek Malagousia and Assyrtiko grapes will delight your palate, so will the red wines made with Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah varieties grown under the Greek sun.

Gikas Winery
Kiafas Av. Spata, Attica Greece
Tel/Fax: +302106634595