Estate Papaioannou


Thanasis Papaioannou is one of the first producers who understood and promoted the idea that wine must maintain its unique characteristics. These characteristics come of the grape variety, the vineyards location as well as the procedures, which are followed by the viticulturist – producer for the sake of a biological balance.

The family has private owned vineyards in various locations of Nemea and the chosen grape varieties are cultivated with the aim of achieving ultimate harmony with the eco system. Thanasis’s son, George, a chemist – oenologist, continues the tradition and is as creatively active in his own vineyards as in the modern winery of the Ancient Nemea.

The goal of both individuals is the continuous improvement of the wines, the maintenance of high standards of hygiene and organic characteristics as well as experimentation on new types of wines.

Estate Papaioannou
Nemea, Greece
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