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…only the Diamantis estate has upheld with great pride the qualitative standards that make the appellation famous…

diamantis-winery-logoAt the beginning of the town (Siatista), in the district Gerania, our traditional stone-built mansion/winery is situated and reached through picturesque little alleys.

Its state-of-the-art equipment guarantee the quality of our wines and its capacity fully covers the production of our private-owned vineyards as well as some of the other vine growers from the city of Siatista who have chosen to collaborate with us.

The grapes are 100% coming from the region of Siatista, providing, therefore, the TRUE WINE CARACTER of the region.

The visitor can experience the “full taste” tour of the winery and “if they feet can handle it” they can also visit the family vineyards on the steep slopes, where they will be able to feel the charm of the vineyards of Siatista.

The old indigenous varieties Moshomavro, Nigrikiotiko and Xinomavro began to be optimized in the best possible way in lined vineyards starting from an altitude of 850m  high up to 920 m in slopes that touch the sky. After private research, clones of these varieties were planted to provide the best result as far as our wine’s production is concerned.



This vine type is met solely in the region of Siatista. The grape is medium and of red color. Its tannins are little and it has a medium acidity.Its maturation is relatively premature for the region’s standards (late September to early October).


A medium-sized red grape, exceptionally high in tannins and with a high acidity. Its maturation is late (early October till late October) for the region’s standards.


A medium-sized red grape. It matures after the Moshomavro variety but before the Xinomavro.

Siatista terroir & Diamantis Vineyards
For many reasons Siatista is by far the most invisible appellation in Greece. Up to the mid sixties, its vineyards had been systematically abandoned- agriculture giving way to small fur- makers industry and becoming the main fur- farming area in Greece with roots back in 13th century.

80 years old Xinomavro

80 years old Xinomavro

Until most recently, its wines rivaled both in reputation and quality those of the small neighboring appellation of Naoussa, equaling and often surpassing them in complexity, elegance and longevity. I myself have tasted superb 5-8 year old examples of the Diamantis estate, of a quality I have yet to find in similarly aged Naoussa. Situated on the southwest foothills of Mount Vermion, the city of Siatista is well hidden in a crevice of the slopes of Mount Siniatsiko, facing the south. Next to Naoussa appellation, both employing the same Xinomavro varietal, but yielding wines so radically different as to really call for a more definite distinction than one employed today. With forty hectoliters per hectare it also appears to yield among the lowest production of the entire Greece, without need of grape thinning or excessively short pruning. This may help explain why Siatista’s Xinomavro’s concentrated raciness is backed by such firm structure.

To date, only the Diamantis estate has upheld with great pride the qualitative standards that make the appellation famous. The estate, must be said, has exceptional holdings in the appellation’s greatest crus. The estate, now in the hands of Dimitris Diamantis after his father passed away in 2006, was found in 1985. The Diamantis estate has been reconstructed and expanded: most importantly the vineyards and cellars. The total vineyard extension is 10 hectares of which 3 planed with Moschomavro and the rest dedicated to the red wines: indigenous varieties Xinomavro and Nigrikiotiko from an altitude of 850m high up to 920 m in slopes. After private research, clones of these varieties were planted to provide the best result in a renewed tradition that interprets and respects this remarkable terroir. The Moshomavro grape is of great significance because it is the base of the most famous wine of Siatista, the sweet Liastos Vin.”

The Wines


Liastos 2008

Sweet Red Wine
PGI Siatista

A truly impressive take on the traditional sundried sweet wines that Siatista has always been famous for, going back a couple of centuries. The careful vinification of fruit from selected, high altitude vineyards ensures a unique sweet red wine with a nose offering nuances of fruit syrup, cocoa and coconut, against an elegant palate that’s balanced and very discretely sweet, and has a long honeycomb aftertaste. Ideal to enjoy as an after-dinner treat.
(Ted Lelekas, January 2017)

Moschomavro, Xinomavro

ALC: 15% abv


Xinomavro 2015

Dry Red Wine
PGI Siatista

A very interesting and highly enjoyable approach to Xinomavro, from an area in Western Macedonia that’s mostly known for its sweet, sundried wines. Diamantis Xinomavro has a strikingly vibrant ruby color and a fresh, clean nose that oozes aromas of sweet forest fruit with a hint of green tomato. On the palate it’s elegant and balanced, with smooth tannins and excellent length. Ideal to pair with mature cheeses and a barbecue mixed grill selection.
(Ted Lelekas, January 2017)

100% Xinomavro

ALC: 13% abv

White Wines

Moschomavro Blanc de Noirs Diamantis
PGI Siatista
GRAPE/BLEND: Moschomavro 80%, Other local 20%
ALC: 12%-13% abv

Red Wines

Moschomavro Diamantis
PGI Siatista
GRAPE/BLEND: Xinomavro 50%, Moschomavro 50%
ALC: 12.5%-13.5% abv

Xinomavro Private Collection Diamantis
PGI Siatista
GRAPE/BLEND: Xinomavro 100%
ALC: 13%-14.5% abv

Rosé Wines

Moschomavro-Xinomavro Diamantis
PGI Siatista
GRAPE/BLEND: Moschomavro 60%, Xinomavro 40%
ALC: 12%-12.5% abv

Desert Wines

Liastos Siatista Diamantis
PGI Siatista
GRAPE/BLEND: Moschomavro 90%, Xinomavro 10%
ALC: 15% abv


Liastos Siatista Diamantis

Wine Vintage Competition Prize Year
Liastos Siatista Diamantis 2008 19th Berliner Wein Trophy gold
Liastos Siatista Diamantis 2008 Decanter World Wine Awards bronze 2015

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