Arlekinon Chora


On the foot of Mount Narthakio and in the heart of Thessaly – Central Greece, lies the winery and vineyards of Arlekinon Chora.

With absolute respect towards the environment that surrounds us and by investing in organic cultivation, we minimize the interventions on all the stages of our production. Each and every bottle produced from our winery, emerges from our non-irrigated, family-owned vineyards which has a limited production of 500 kilos per acre. The altitude of 400 meters from the sea and the inclination of our land are responsible for the phenolic maturity and drainage, retrospectively.

All of our products are organically certified since 2003 and have been awarded in international wine contests of global prestige (Decanter, Berliner wine trophy)

Arlekinon Chora
Narthákion, Larisa, Greece