Anatolikos Vineyards


The private vineyard located at the lands of Avdira,Xanthi, in Thrace. In Avdira city, being known from ancient times as a city of Thrace, begun the struggle for the revival of the well-famous ancient vineyard in 2000. Contributing in this initiative, the copmany AFOI NIKOLAIDI O.E. started the farming of greek and foreign grape variety at 2005. The vineyard’s location on the dry hills of Avdira city, with an altitude of 50-70 meters and approximately 2 km away from the Thrace Sea, the sandy terrain, the continuous cool winds and Avdira’s microclimate contribute desicively in manufacturing high-quality products.

Today, the company has released 7 labels of Varietal and PGE Avdira certified bio-wine with the commercial trademark ΑΝΑΤΟLΙΚΟS VINEYARDS and continues it’s developmental program aiming in the vineyard’s expansion, always according to the principals of bio-agriculture, growing traditional grape varieties from the lands of Avdira and Thrace, and futhermore, developing the structure of the distribution channels in Greece and overseas.

Avdira Xanthis
T. & F. +30 25410/92092