Rethymno, Crete named European Wine City 2018!

Rethymno, Crete named European Wine City 2018!


Great news for wine-lovers! The city of Rethymno in Crete is celebrating the award of European Wine City 2018 by RECEVIN European Network, which turns a new page for wine-tourism in the city and the island of Crete in general.

Wine has always been a very important part of the daily life and the culture of Cretan people. It is the signature and seal of friendship in social gatherings and an indispensable element in the famous Cretan diet. It is also a symbol of composition, continuity, coexistence and harmony in their relationship with the earth, the natural environment and other people. The fertile soil, the sun and many years of experience, have made Cretans know how to produce wine artfully. The local producers, based on the high quality of the indigenous varieties, such as the white Rethymnian Vidiano and the red Liatiko, among 11 original Cretan varieties and by combining the tradition with the modern know-how, continue to produce remarkable, unique wines.

35241479_1967582433266498_711045584043114496_nApart from the Cretan Diet Festival, many cultural and culinary actions are planned, both for professionals and the public, throughout the year: visitors can follow a wine-route, visit a winery, taste special cocktails based on wine and served in the best bars of the city, attend art events and exhibitions inspired by wine’s journey throughout the centuries and explore the enchanting process of wine-making through seminars, workshops and conferences.

Certainly Rethymno is not only a vacation place to come and visit but a safe destination full of cultural and nature experiences, with its clean sea and its unspoiled environment. The beautiful landscape, the vibrant small villages, the hospitality and the numerous options for filling the agenda of your visit, make the city the ideal all-season destination.

And, of course, this year, Rethymno will be the meeting point for both, foodies and wine-lovers! Don’t miss the chance to take part in the celebration!

Ted Lelekas founder.

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