Hoof & Lur by Troupis Winery: an homage to Moschofilero

Hoof & Lur by Troupis Winery: an homage to Moschofilero


Introducing Hoof & Lur, a new Moschofilero wine by Troupis Winery in Mantinia. Hoof & Lur was created in response to specific demand from the US market, which is the sole export destination of this particular wine. The main differentiators of Hoof & Lur – its name has been chosen as a tribute to ancient Greek god Pan, companion of the nymphs – are that it is wild fermented and bottled unfiltered.

According to the Troupis Winery team, Hoof & Lur is “Moschofilero as our fathers and grandfathers remember it, skin contact, spontaneous yeast fermented, unfiltered with only the barest amount of sulfur. Hoof & Lur is Troupis Winery’s homage to the wines native to the high plateau of Mantinia for millennia”.

The rationale behind the new bottling was to aim for the purest expression of Moschofilero possible, with minimal human intervention. Initially it has been created in a very limited company, at the request of DNS Wines, one of Troupis winery’s importers in the US. The winemaking team, however, is planning to gradually establish Hoof & Lur among the winery’s product portfolio, striving to improve it even further every year.

ilovegreekwine.com founder Ted Lelekas tasted Hoof & Lur 2016 and commented: “It’s indeed a very interesting wine that will especially fascinate fans of the Moschofilero grape. Being a ‘blanc de gris’, its color has a subtle pink-ish hue; the nose has the right intensity, emitting the unmistakably typical floral notes of Moschofilero, while the palate is crisp and fresh, with impressive acidity. This is a wine that can be enjoyed on its own, as an elegant aperitif, although it will be a perfect companion to summer salads, aromatic vegetarian dishes, light pasta and risotti”.

Hoof & Lur by Troupis Winery is a PGI Arkadia wine with an alcohol content of 12.5% abv. For further information please contact the winery or DNS Wines.

Ted Lelekas
ilovegreekwine.com founder.

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