Slopes of Meliton

The PDO Slopes of Meliton wine-growing area is located in the Sithonia peninsula, the “middle” leg of the region of Halkidiki, on the western slopes of Mt. Meliton, near Neos Marmaras.

It is an extensive zone, starting from 100 m. above sea level and reaching an altitude of 350 m. The PDO Slopes of Meliton vineyards are planted in terraces that help retain rainwater and decrease the rate of erosion.

The main varieties grown in the PDO Slopes of Meliton zone are Assyrtiko, Cabernet Sauvignon, Roditis, Cabernet Franc, Limnio and Athiri.

The PDO Slopes of Meliton wines may be dry white, made from Athiri (50%), Roditis (35%) and Assyrtiko (15%), or dry red, made from Limnio, at a minimum of 70%, with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc making up the rest of the blend.

The PDO Slopes of Meliton wine was the first Greek PDO wine to include international grape varieties in its blend (12 years later PDO Messenikola became the second one).

The winegrowing zone of Meliton practically belongs to a single owner and PDO Slopes of Meliton wines are produced by a specific winery, which is Domaine Porto Carras.

Visitors can explore the gorgeous scenery of the wider area of Halkidiki, offering a great selection of choices from beautiful beaches to mountainous regions and, of course, the wineries of the area.

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