Samos is a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, which has one of the most beautiful vineyard landscapes in Greece, covering approximately 4000 acres in terraces.

The PDO Samos wine zone includes the areas of:

  • The municipality of Karlovassi and the communities of Kokkari, Vourliotes, Agios Konstantinos, Manolates, Stavrinides, Ambelos, Kontakeika, Ydroussa, Kondaeika, Aghii Theodori, Platanos, Leka, Kastanea, Kosmadei, in the northern part of the island,
  • The communities of Pyrgos, Mesogio, Pandroso, Koumadarei, Mavratzei, in the central part of the island,
  • The municipality of Samion and communities of Pagondas, Hora Samou, Mytilinii and Vathi, in the eastern part of the island, and
  • The community of Spatharei, in the southern part of the vineyard

The biggest part of the Muscat White vineyards on the island of Samos, cover the slopes of the Mount Ambelos (1.153m.), and the outskirts of the Mount Kerketea, as well as on the northeastern slopes of Kerki (1.443m), found on the western part of the island. The view is spectacular as goblet-shaped bush vines are planted in stone built terraces (in Greek: “pezoules,”), starting from a sea level altitude and reaching, in some cases, 900m.

Apart from the amazingly beautiful scenery, this way of cultivation offers direct exposure to the Mediterranean sun, as well as the ideal conditions for the perfect maturation of the Muscat White grapes. PDO Samos wines are sweet white, made by the 100% Muscat White, and are definitely among the most famous PDO Greek wines worldwide.

Samos is one of the most unique islands of Greece, offering multifaceted experiences to its visitors. Enjoy the beautiful beaches, discover the important archaeological sites, like the seaside settlement of Heraion, considered to be the largest temple in Greece (according to Herodotus), and visit the Union of Vinicultural Cooperatives of Samos (EOSS), founded in 1934 to taste some award-winning, value-for-money dessert wines, which are famous all over the world.

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