Paros island, located almost in the heart of the Aegean sea, is among the top tourist destinations in Greece. Viticulture and wine production were always very important in the island of Paros, as wine was an integral part of everyday life, from ancient times until today. However, a large part of the island’s vineyard is now abandoned, in favor of tourist infrastructure development.

Vineyards are mostly located on the foothills around the Mount of Profitis Elias, in the center of the island of Paros, and are in their majority old and ungrafted, since they have never been affected by phylloxera.

There is a great number of indigenous varieties grown in Paros, but only Monemvassia, Mandilaria and Assyrtiko are allowed to participate in the PDO wine categories of Paros, which are the PDO Paros and the PDO Malvasia Paros.

PDO Paros wines may be dry white, made uniquely from Monemvassia grapes, or dry red, as a blend of Mandilaria (at least 35%) and Monemvassia.

PDO Paros Malvasia wines are naturally sweet wines from sun-dried grapes, or “vin de liquer” wines, both produced by a blend of Monemvassia (at least 85%) and Assyrtiko. It is worth mentioning that PDO Paros red is the only Greek PDO wine including a white grape variety in its blend, in order to soften the powerful tannic profile of Mandilaria.

Reasons to visit Paros seem really innumerable, like the beautiful beaches of the island, the significant archaeological sites etc, but be sure to pay a visit on the island’s wineries. You will be amazed.

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