nemeaThe PDO Nemea zone (established in 1971) lies on the northeast side of the Peloponnese and includes the following municipalities: Aidonia, Ancient Kleones, Ancient Nemea, Asprokambos Galatas, Daphne, Kastraki, Kefalari, Koutsi, Leonti, Bozika, Nemea, Petri, Titani and Psari, belonging to Korinthia area and Gymno and Malandreni communities, belonging to Argolida area.

The PDO Nemea zone is actually the only PDO wine zone in Greece, that stretches along two different prefectures, with the largest part of the vineyard located in the region of Korinthia (Corinth) and a smaller part in the northwestern part of the district of Argolida.

Nemea was known as “Fliasia country” during ancient times and the wine of the area was named after that, “Fliasios Oenos”. Later on, Nemea was named as Agios Georgios (St. George), which was most probably the reason why the local variety known back then as “Black of Nemea”, was eventually named Agiorgitiko.

Agiorgitiko is the most popular indigenous grape variety grown in the PDO Nemea zone, at altitudes varying between 200m and 850m, dividing the area into three sub-zones that have small but crucial microclimatic differences.

Τhe PDO Nemea wines produced in the zone by 100% Agiorgitiko may be dry, medium sweet and sweet reds and show great variation in styles: starting from light, fruity and easy-to-drink, to full-bodied, age-worthy, complex reds, a great selection of rosé, as well as excellent dessert wines.

The wine of Nemea was an integral part of the celebrations and events of the local communities from ancient times, known as “The Nemean Games”; in recent years, an annual celebration called “The Big Days of Nemea”, organized by the Association of the Wine Producers of Nemea, attracts a large number of visitors from Greece and abroad.

Apart from the wineries of the region which are, in the majority, open to public, visitors can explore many archaeological sites nearby, like “The Temple of the Nemean Zeus”, Mykines (Mycenae), as well as the nearby towns of Argos and Nafplion.

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