naoussaThe PDO Naoussa zone (established in 1972) lies in the wider area of the municipal community of Kopanos and the local communities of Lefkadia and Marina, the municipal unity of Anthemia, the municipal community of Naoussa, the local communities of Giannakochori, Stenimachos and Rodochori, as well as the local communities of Trilofos and Fyteias of the municipal unity of Dovra. Studies concerning the great diversity of soil within this area, resulted in distinguishing the PDO Naoussa zone into 13 sub-regions and 6 climatic zones.

Xinomavro is the most popular indigenous grape variety grown in the PDO Naoussa zone, with a total of 1730 acres nowadays, at altitudes varying between 100m and 350m.

Τhe PDO Naoussa wines produced in the zone by 100% Xinomavro can be dry, medium dry to medium sweet reds and are in their majority robust and full, showing great ageing potential.

Naoussa, the “City of Wine” is a very popular wine destination in Greece, in which the wineries as well as the Municipal authorities organize various wine activities dedicated to “Wine and Culture” throughout the year. Don’t miss the chance to visit its “Wine and Vine Museum”, presenting the history of viticulture and wine production in the PDO Naoussa zone from the 17th century until today. Other exciting activities in and around Naoussa include a tour of the school of Aristotle, a visit to the ancient Macedonian tombs of Mieza, as well as several organized tours that combine winery visits with hiking, mountain biking e.t.c. in the surrounding countryside.

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