The vine growing zone of the PDO Messenikola is located in the southwestern part of Karditsa area, in the hinterland of central Greece, on the eastern slopes of the mountain range of Agrafa.

Viticulture has been an integral part of everyday life in the region for centuries and is nowadays a traditional occupation of the inhabitants of the mountainous and semi-mountainous regions of Agrafa, that are part of Pindos, the main massif of the Greek peninsula.

PDO Messenikola zone, established quite recently, in 1994, is definitely the smallest PDO wine zone, measuring almost 95 hectares, stretching around the northeastern part of the artificial Lake Plastira, in the local communities of Muscat, Messenikola and Morfovouni.

The main varieties cultivated in the PDO Messenikola region are Messenikola Black, Carignan and Syrah, planted at altitudes higher than 750m.

PDO Messenikola wines are dry red and should be made by blending 70% of Messenikola Black and 30% of Carignan and Syrah.

The wider area around Messenikola is ideal for winetourism, while it also offers sports activities for nature lovers. Lake Plastira is a very popular tourist destination, offering captivating views to the visitors throughout the year.

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