limnos-regionLimnos island, in the northern part of the Aegean Sea, was famous for its wines since ancient times, according to references in Homer’s Iliad.

The soil is mostly volcanic, well drained and remarkably rich in minerals.

Vineyards are located mainly in the central and southern part of the island, in the areas of Atsiki, Mourdos and Nea Koutali, in order to be protected from the north winds, at altitudes that start at sea level and reach 300 meters.

The first Vine and Wine Cooperative was founded in the mid-1930s, and all the grapes cultivated on Limnos island were vinified there. It was only after the mid-1990s that the first privately owned wineries appeared.

Muscat of Alexandria and Limnio (Kalambaki) are the two indigenous grapes cultivated on the island.

Up until today, there are two PDO wine categories in Limnos: PDO Muscat of Limnos and PDO Limnos.

PDO Muscat of Limnos was established in 1971 and refers to dessert wines made exclusively from Muscat of Alexandria. PDO Limnos was established in 1982 and covers dry, medium-dry, and medium-sweet white wines made exclusively from Muscat of Alexandria. The PDO Limnos zone was extended in 2011 in order to include red wines made from Limnio either at a percentage of 100% for dry red wines or in 90% plus 10% of Muscat of Alexandria for dessert wines.

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