Kefalonia (Cephalonia)

kefaloniaKefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands, in Western Greece. Viticulture in Kefalonia has deep roots lost in mythology. Mavrodaphne, Muscat White and Robola are the three indigenous grape varieties mainly cultivated on the island.

Up until today, there are three PDO wine categories in Kefalonia: the PDO Mavrodaphne of Kefalonia, the PDO Muscat of Kefalonia and the PDO Robola of Kefalonia.

The defined area of the PDO Mavrodaphne of Kefalonia production zone includes the peninsula of Paliki, on the western part of the island, the local communities Soullaro, Havdata, Havriata, Lixouri, Monopolata, Damoulianata, Agia Thekla, Kouvalata Angonas in Livathou, the local communities Svoronata, Spartia, Elios, as well as Arginia, Pastra, Poros, Skala, the local community Grizata in Sami, Katapodata, Mesovounia in Erissos and the local communities of Ithaki and Perachori in Ithaki (Ithaca).

The PDO Mavrodaphne of Kefalonia wine is produced by Mavrodaphne of Kefalonia in single-varietal mode or co-vinified with Korinthiaki, under the condition that Mavrodphne will constitute more than 50% of the blend and the PDO Mavrodaphne of Kefalonia is sweet red.
The PDO Muscat of Kefalonia wine zone, lies on the western side of Kefalonia island, at the boundaries of the Paliki area and includes the local communities of Lixouri, Zola, Katogi, Soulari, Skineas, Havdata.

The PDO Muscat of Kefalonia wine is produced by 100%Muscat of Kefalonia  and the wine is sweet white.

The PDO Robola wine zone streches across the northwestern slopes of Mt. Enos (1.628m), with vineyard altitudes ranging from 175m. to 800m. It is enclosed between the local communities of Omala, Davgata, Dilinata, Troyanata and Faraclata, as well as the areas above the provincial Argostoli-Poros Street, the local communities of Mousata and Vlahata. The PDO Robola is the only Greek PDO wine named after its grape variety, rather than the area it comes from.

The PDO Robola wine is produced by Robola 100% and it is dry white.

Kefalonia is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, ideal for visitors that will fall in love with its turquoise sea waters and stunning beaches, like Myrtos, beautiful nature and cultural heritage.

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