The vineyard of the PDO Archanes zone lies between the vineyards of the PDO Peza zone and the PDO Dafnes zone, in the north-central part of the Heraklion area, in Crete. The boundaries of the wine growing PDO Archanes zone cover the areas of Ano and Kato Archanes, Agios Syllas, Vasilies, Kyparissi, Profitis Elias and Skalani.

PDO Archanes wines are made from the co-vinification of Kotsifali and Mandilaria, two indigenous grape varieties that are harmonically combined in a blend where Kotsifali offers the nice aromatic profile and a full-bodied character, whereas Mandilaria contributes to the blend with the vivid purple colour, its crispy acidity and the powerful tannins.

Viticulture in the area of the PDO Acharnes, has profound roots dating back in the Minoan era. Among the most characteristic proof of that, is the oldest Minoan wine presses on Crete, aged around 3500 years, which was brought to light by the archeological excavations in Vathipetro.

PDO Archanes wines produced in the zone may be dry red.
The wider area around Archanes is ideal for winetourism activities, but also offers a great selection of archaeological sites nearby for visitors who wish to explore this part of Crete, like Knossos, the most famous palace of Crete and the Minoan civilization, the mountain Yiouhtas (811m.), the Minoan sanctuary of Anemospilia etc.

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