The vine growing zone of the PDO Anchialos is located in the southeastern part of Thessaly in Magnesia.

It is a moderately extended coastal area where the vineyards start at an altitude of 100 meters and may reach up to 250 meters.

Τhe cultivation of grapevines for winemaking was already widespread in Anchialos area since 1918. Viticulture in the region was developed by refugees from Asia Minor and was mainly located at Nea Anchialos, Mikrothives, Aidini and Kroki. Nowadays, vines are spotted in Nea Anchialos and Mikrothives, covering approximately a total of 1000 acres.
The main varieties cultivated in the PDO Anchialos zone are Roditis and Savatiano.
Roditis is a grape variety widely planted all around Greece, appearing with numerous clones and several different names. The most famous in Anchialos area is “Roditis Alepou”.

Savatiano is one of the most popular Greek varieties, whose cultivation is lost in the depths of centuries, also found with different names, most popular of which is Kountoura white.

Wines produced in the PDO Anchialos zone may be dry white, medium dry white or medium sweet white.

The wider area around Anchialos is ideal for winetourism activities,visiting the wineries nearby as well as taking advantage of the beautiful landscapes around the Pagasetic Gulf.

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