amyndeonThe vine growing zone of the PDO Amyndeon is located in the southeastern part of the Florina regional unit and mostly on the plateau of the area of Amyndeon, covering the villages of Agios Panteleimonas,Vegora, Lakkia, Klidi, Antigonos, Maniaki, Petres, Xino Nero, Fanos, Pedinos, Aetos, Rodonas, Agrapidies, Anargyri and Variko.

Τhe plateau of Amyndeon, lies between the two lakes: Vegoritis and Lake Petron and is metaphorically embraced by the mountains Vermion (2,052m), Vitsi (2,128m) and Voras (Kaimaktsalan,2554m.)

PDO Amyndeon zone, officially recognized in 1972, is considered to be one of the most important wine-growing regions of Greece, where the viticulture dates back to antiquity. Nowadays, more than 1730 acres of the PDO Amyndeon area are planted with vines, at altitudes that vary between 570m and 720m.

Τhe soils are light to medium texture, with excellent drainage, and alluvial cover. High percentage of sand content on limestone substrates are often found within the PDO Amyndeon zone, and are probably the reason why phylloxera couldn’t affect these areas, so there are quite old, self-rooted vines up until today.

Xinomavro is the most widely grown grape variety in the PDO Amyndeon zone. PDO Amyndeon wine made from Xinomavro in this zone may be dry, medium dry or medium sweet rosés; dry or medium dry sparkling rosés; dry, medium dry or medium sweet reds.

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