Stavroula Kourakou-Dragona

stavroula-kourakouBorn in Athens in 1928; she holds a PhD in Chemistry, has studied Oenology in France, and for twenty years (1964-1984) held the position of Director of the Wine Institute, a technological research foundation of the then Ministry of Agriculture.

She was the representative of Greece to the Council of Europe, as well as to the OIV, the intergovernmental Organization of Vine and Wine with 45 member-states and headquarters in Paris, from 1960 until 1979, in which year she was elected president, unanimously.

She is member of numerous international scientific societies, corresponding member of the Agricultural Academy of France, member of the Italian Academy of Vine and Wine, while she also served repeatedly as president of EEC Committees on issues concerning vine and wine legislation, and alcoholic beverages. As president of the ad hoc Committee of the Council of Ministers of Agriculture, she recommended and succeeded in the voting of the EEC regulation on alcoholic beverages, in the framework of which the recognition and protection of the product name ‘ouzo’ was ratified as exclusively Greek.

In 1964, as head of the Wine Institute, she recommended the establishment and protection by law of those wines from Greek regions which could constitute the category of wines with “Appellation of Origin”. In the 1970s, on her recommendation, the first geographical names of origin were acknowledged by legislation and the first Greek wines with “Appellation of Origin” (PDO in today’s terms) appeared in the market.

To this day, even though she is retired, she continues to be a visionary but also an active influencer among the Greek wine sector.