George Skouras

George SkourasThe current head of Greece’s winemakers was born in Argos in 1959. At the age of 18 years he left for France, where he studied oenology at the University of Dijon. During his studies he worked in various wine-producing regions across France, including Burgundy and Champagne.

Following the completion of his studies he worked in various sectors of the wine industry in France, Italy and Greece. For instance, he worked as an oenologist at Domaine Louis Tete in Beaujolais, and as Director of Production and design consultant of new wine products at Oinoexagogiki SA (Calligas family) in Greece, while in 1984 he was a member of the founding team of Gentilini Winery in Kefalonia.

He founded Skouras Winery in 1986 as a basic operation in the garage of his family’s house, renting vineyards and equipment from other wineries in the area.

In 1996 he started a small winery in the area of Gymno, in Nemea, aiming to have total quality control, while in 2004 he created his state-of-the-art winery in Malandreni Argolidos, in the outskirts of the PDO Nemea zone, which very quickly became a very popular wine tourist destination.

George Skouras is considered one of the pioneers in the modern era of Greek wine, as he was the first to adopt innovative technologies and practices in wine making and marketing. In March 2015 he was elected President of the Greek Wine Federation.