Argyrios Tsakiris

Argyrios TsakirisOne of the most influential contemporary wine educators, Professor Argyris Tsakiris was born in 1954 in Volos, Magnissia. He received his Chemistry degree from the University of Thessaloniki and his Oenology and Viticulture degree, as well as his Organoleptic Wine Tasting Diploma, from the Oenology Institute of the University of Bordeaux. In 2005 he was awarded his Ph.D. from the University of Patras.

He has worked for nine years for the “Greek Company of Wines and Spirits”, in the production of brandy, ouzo and wine, as well as for five years for the “Greek Academy of Wine”, as oenologist and wine salesman. As an oenologist, he has produced wine working for wineries in the regions of Attica, Nemea, Naoussa, Messinia and Paros. Since 1987 he teaches “Organoleptic control of wines and spirits” and “Spirits technology and analysis” at the Department of Oenology and Beverage Technology of the Technological Education Institute (T.E.I.) of Athens.

He has written the books “Oenology: from the grape to wine”, “Oenology, research and applications”, “Potografia”, “The French wines”, “Greek wine tasting”, “I make my own wine”, “I make my own tsipouro”, “The Pleasure of Taste” and “Viticulture for Quality Wines”. In addition, he is one of the authors of the «Alpha Wine Guide» and the «Wine Book” and he has 11 scientific publications in international journals. In the last 25 years has published articles and tasting notes, on his own or as a member of a team, in magazines and websites including Athinorama, EY ZHN, umami, fnl guide and