Vlachiko is a dark skinned variety and, as referred to by its name, it is grown in the coldest, dampest parts of Northern Greece, in Epirus, close to the borders with Albania in high altitude, on the slopes of Pindos massif with low temperature, low insolation and heavy rainfall.

Vlachiko yields dry red wines that are mostly oak aged and although mostly found in blends, as of recently it is vinified alone with promising results. It gives wines with bright ruby colour, intense aromas of cool red forest fruit, sweet spice and green leaves. It is usually low in alcohol content – rarely above 12.5% – with discrete and thin-grained tannins and exceptional acidity resulting in refreshing, charming and savoury wines. Four to seven years ageing will bring out the best in these wines that accompany perfectly cold dishes, mature cheese and cold cuts.

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