Moschato Lefko

Moschato Lefko (synonym of Muscat Blanc a Petit Grains) is a white grape variety that was grown for centuries all over the Mediterranean; Greece and Italy debate the variety’s origin. In Greece, it is grown mainly on the islands of Samos, Limnos, Rhodes, and Cephalonia, as well as in Patras in the northern Peloponnese; Moshcato of Samos is probably the most well-known.

It gives wines of different styles, from dry to sweet and even fortified. Regardless of its style, Moschato Lefko tends to give wines that are profoundly aromatic. Dry versions are well-balanced with exotic floral and fruity aromas and flavors that remind of rose petals, blossoms, grapes, and citrus. Moschato Lefko wines are perfect “by the glass”, as well as with fragrant light dishes.

Sweet and fortified versions have a riper aromatic character, developing aromas of honey, dried fruits, coffee, and cocoa, and they are ideal with light deserts. The best sweet wines can age for decades.

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