Mavrodafni is mainly grown in SW Peloponnese (Patra) and is mainly used to create PDO Mavrodafni Patron wines. Originally Mavrodafni was used to produce fortified dessert wines, blended with Mavri Korinthiaki. Only recently have single-variety wines appeared, still into sweet but also dry wines. Mavrodafni produces almost black wines, with prominent chocolate and fine Arabica aromas in the nose and the palate, some notes of prune and raisin, with high alcohol and mild acidity. A distinct bitter spiciness in the aftertaste of its wines excites and adds yet another level of complexity.

Dry Mavrodafni wines possess a full body, creating awe on the first contact with the wine and deep, lasting aftertaste. An exceptional alternative to Agiorgitiko and Syrah enthusiasts.

To accompany this particular wines, try chocolate or coffee mousse for the sweet ones and aged prosciutto, pastrami, smoked meat even beef with BBQ sauce.

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