Mavri Korinthiaki

Mavri Korinthiaki is a red grape variety grown on light soils, grown in terraces, all over northern and western Peloponnese and also produces delicious raisins. Usually by the time of harvest its alcoholic potential is above 15% yet it is sun-dried to further increase it and condense the flavor before vinification. It participates to up to 49% in the renowned PDO Mavrodafni Patron fortified wine. It is rarely found as a single varietal, but it brings sweetness and acidity to the blends it is used in. Its soft tannins moderate other varieties’ tartness, providing punch and silkiness to the wines it participates in along the aging process.

Wines with high percentage in Mavri Korinthiaki are perfect matches to fruit pies like apple or raspberry pies or tarte tatin.

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