Agiorgitiko, or St. George’s grape, is the trademark variety of Nemea region, where it is grown at altitudes between 250 and 800m. The vinification is mostly single varietal, especially for PDO Nemea wines. It can also be found in a few other regions, where it sometimes participates in blends. Agiorgitiko is a multidynamic grape, meaning it produces a variety of wine styles, depending on the terroir and vinification method. Agiorgitiko typically produces refined, complex wines, with significant aging potential.

Wines from this grape have a deep, vibrant red color, and its key aromas are red fruit: plum, berries, prunes and sour cherry, whilst oak and acacia aged wines boast incense, sweet spice, smoke and turmeric. As such Agiorgitiko is a versatile wine, most commonly matched with red meat and tomato sauce-based dishes.

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