Roditis is a pink-skinned grape variety and one of the most widely planted grape varieties in Greece. Despite its pink grape colour, Roditis is cultivated for the production of white wines. It is grown throughput the Greek mainland. In Peloponnese, it is strongly associated with Patras’ vineyards, while it is also significant in the vineyards of Anhialos and Cotes de Meliton in Chalkidiki. Across locations, Roditis is usually blended with other local or international grape varieties. Best expressions of the variety give fresh, white wines that are medium to full-bodied with moderate acidity; they tend to have aromas and flavours of citrus and green fruit. Roditis is also one of the grape varieties that are used for the production of retsina. Fresh “everyday” wines from Roditis match perfectly with most of the light olive oil-rich dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

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