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The Katogi Averoff hotel & winery is located in the mountain village of Metsovo in the Epirus region of Northern Greece. It is a pioneer of Greek wine tourism situated in a magical natural landscape.

The hotel’s fifteen luxuriously appointed rooms enjoy views of the winery and of Metsovo’s magnificent scenery. The architecture and interior design exudes discreet luxury and a contemporary aesthetic which nonetheless captures many traditional local features.

Visitors can enjoy atmospheric audio-visual-enhanced tours of the wine cellars, learning about the history of the winery and the wine-making process. Of course there is ample opportunity for wine tasting. Other attractions include walks around the vineyards, forest or surrounding hills; the sights, sounds and traditions of Metsovo, or excursions farther afield.

A stay at the hotel is a unique experience: Relax in the spacious rooms or retreat to the open fire or in the charming courtyard with its trees and herb gardens. Sample the hotel restaurant with its traditional dishes with locally sourced ingredients.


Evangelos-AveroffKatogi Averoff began life in the late nineteen fifties, when Evangelos Averoff planted Greece’s first Cabernet Sauvignon vines on the slopes of Mount Pindus and bottled the wine now known as Katogi Averoff in the “katogi” (lower storey) of his home in Metsovo.

With a vision to create “French vines in Greek mountain soil” Averoff’s wine-making activities transformed Pindus’s abandoned slopes into vineyards, thereby reviving a viticultural tradition which had flourished during the 18th and 19th centuries.

With the help of experts from Greece and France, Averoff created one of Greece’s most celebrated and elevated vineyards, establishing Katogi SA in 1989. Katogi’s red wine, quickly made a name for itself both in Greece and abroad, where it won a number of international awards. The cultivation of native Greek grapes and blending traditional Greek and international varieties was the next step.

Wine Interest & Activities

Guided Tours
Producing a wide array of white, red and rosé wines, a visit to the neighboring winery with guided tour and tutored tasting is a must for any guest at the hotel. The winery is open to the public as well and offers guided tours and organized wine tastings. The winery tour lasts approximately 30 minutes and includes:

  • A visit to the Katogi Averoff cellars, following every stage of production.
  • Video presentations depicting the various stages of wine production and the history of the winery.

Wine Tasting
Resident experts offer insight into the production of wine along with viniculture education amidst the vines and vats of this old and established regional centre for the Greek wine industry.

Events & Groups
Wine tasting events can be organized for large parties or corporate groups. Space is also available for full-scale corporate events and private celebrations such as weddings, baptisms or parties.

The Estate
Around a 10-minute drive from the hotel complex which includes the winery, boutique and production plant, the Yiniets vineyards are Greece’s highest; clinging to the slopes of Mount Pindus in an area where the vines mature slowly. Yiniets, which means ‘vineyard’ in the local Vlach dialect, is planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Traminer, Vlachiko and Debina.

Wine Tasting

Prior notice required, at least one day in advance
NEW range of wines: Inima

In Metsovo’s local Vlach dialect, inima means ‘heart’. For Katogi Averoff, this word expresses the most positive aspects of the people behind the wine.

  • Inima Assyrtiko Athiri – White
  • Inima Negoska – Red
  • Inima Xinomavro – Red
Wine Tasting: Katogi Averoff Introduction

Tasting three well-known Katogi Averoff wines:

  • Katogi Averoff – Red
  • Katogi Averoff – White
  • Katogi Averoff – Rosé
Wine Tasting: Averoff Estate Special Edition

Tasting three wines produced from Greece’s highest vineyards in Metsovo:

  • Averoff Estate Traminer – White
  • Averoff Estate Cabernet Sauvignon – Red
  • Flogero Averoff – Red
Wine Tasting: Rossiu di Munte Limited Edition

“Rossiu di Munte” in Vlach dialect means “Red of the Mountains”. Taste our wines that come from the most mountainous vineyards of Greece.

  • ROSSIU DI MUNTE – Vlachiko
  • ROSSIU DI MUNTE – Pinot Noir
  • ROSSIU DI MUNTE – Yiniets
General Information:
  • The temperature of the cellars is quite low (12 – 14°C). Thus, it is highly recommended to be dressed warmly.
  • All tasting wines are subject to availability.
  • Tasting glass: 50 ml
  • Our special platters are also available at additional cost. Prior notice required.
  • Guests can purchase wines and various wine enthusiast accessories at the winery boutique.

Nearby places of interest

Metsovo Folk Art Museum – Tosizza Mansion

A traditional 19th century mansion, decorated in the style of the period including local handicraft, wood carvings, hand-woven rugs, traditional costumes, collections of jewelry, bronze and silverware, swords and rifles. The museum also houses a rare collection of Byzantine icons. Recently opened on the third floor is the apartment of Evangelos Averoff.

Averoff-GalleryAveroff Gallery

The E.Averoff Gallery is a museum of modern Greek art. It consists of paintings, sculptures, drawings and engraving by Greek artists of the 19th and 20th century. On permanent exhibition is a representative collection of 250 works by the greatest Greek artists of the last two centuries: Gyzis, Tsokos, Doukas, Bokatsiambis, Ralllis, Xydias, Pantazis, Volanakis, Prosalentis, Altamouras, Hatzis, Lembesis, Iakobides, Sabbides, Roilos, Parthenis, Maleas, Economou, Geralis, Germenis, Aravantinos, Flora-Karavia, Vyzantios, Kogevinas, Tsingos, Spyropoulos, Kontopoulos, Nikolaou, Hatzikyriakos-Ghikas.

In the museum’s five large exhibition rooms one can see the history of Greek art and its main trends brought the work of contemporary artists, such as Malamos, Moralis, Botsoglou, Moustakas, Paniaras, Prekas, Sorongas, Sperantzas, Tetsis, Fasianos, and others. Replicas of paintings of the Gallery are available for sale upon request.

The origin of most of the museum’s permanent works is from the Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza Collection. Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza (1910-1990), politician, writer and inspirer of the “contemporary miracle of Metsovo”, had for many years dreamed of creating a high quality museum of modern Greek art in Metsovo, his hometown. With that end in view, he collected 200 paintings of the period. In 1988 he constructed the three-storey building which houses his collection, and donated both paintings and building to the Foundation which bears his name.

The E. Averoff Gallery opened on August 27th of 1988. In 1994, the original building was modernized and a new adjoining building was constructed. Exhibition areas were considerably increased, and the Gallery’s permanent collection was enriched with new acquisitions. The New Building allowed for an increase in supporting areas, including a small library, a video/conference room and the museum shop with the Gallery’s publications, books, puzzles and other gifts. A separate area is now allotted to the children’s workshop activities, while open air exhibitions and other summertime activities take place on the open air terrace with a view to the surrounding mountains.

AveroffGardenAveroff Garden & Saint George Temple

A beautiful garden of 10.000 square meters where you can see all the different kinds of trees growing in Pindos is a few steps away from the hotel towards the central square of Metsovo.

Here you will meet oaks, firs and beech trees as well as lots of other kinds of plants and bushes of the area. In the Garden there is also a playground, ideal for children, and the temple of Saint George.

Church of Saint Paraskevi

The Cathedral of Metsovo is located at the central square.

 SaintNicholasMonastery of Saint Nicholas

The Monastery, surrounded by our vineyards, is situated at the edge of Metsovo near the Anilio Village.

Probably constructed in the 14C, it was rebuilt around 1700 and decorated with frescoes. Right at the bottom of the valley, there is a fast flowing river.


Anilio Ski Centre

Anilio Ski Centre is located only six (06) km. away from Metsovo, at an altitude of 1.800 metres. The newest ski centre in Greece has routes of all difficulties.

About Epirus

Epirus lies in North West Greece. It is mostly an alpine area, dominated by the Pindos Mountains, the backbone of Greece. Less known to tourists, it offers the visitor a wide choice of attractions from white, sandy beaches and picturesque villages like Parga and Syvota to the traditional villages of Zagorochoria and the National Park of Vikos Aoos.




In a region of almost inaccessible sandstone peaks, monks settled on these ‘columns of the sky’ from the 11th century onwards. Twenty-four of these monasteries were built, despite incredible difficulties, at the time of the great revival of the eremetic ideal in the 15th century. Their 16th-century frescoes mark a key stage in the development of post-Byzantine painting.


A bustling city, capital and biggest city of Epirus, Ioannina is the central attraction of the region. Dominated by Pamvotis lake and famously associated with Ali Pasha, the 18th century Pasha of Eprirus, Ioannina was the richest town in Greece and a focus for art and literature.

The harbour and fortress areas are the best places to see evidence of Ioannina’s Ottoman past. Don’t miss a walk inside and around the castle. The town’s biggest attraction is Nisi, an island within the lake. It consists of just one small fishing village. At the far end of the island is the 18th century house of Ali Pasha that has been converted into a museum. Discover the story of Ali Pasha and Kyra Frosini.

Ioannina is a lively city famous for it nightlife and bar scene. It boasts an excellent archaeological museum, Vrellis Museum of History and much more. Next to Ioannina is Perama cave. If you have time, do not miss it.

Perama Cave

Perama cave is located 4km outside the city on your way to Zagorochoria. The cave has stalactites and stalagmites and was dedicated to Pluto and Persephone. The cave extends over 14,000 sq.m. The tourist route covers a distance of 1,100m and lasts approximately 45 minutes. You can visit the area everyday from 8 in the morning until sunset. A visit to Perama Cave is an unforgettable experience. For more information, please contact at tel.no 26510 81650 or 26510 81521.

Dodoni amphitheatre

In a green valley on the Eastern slopes of Mount Tomaros, 22km south-west of Ioannina, is Dodoni, one of the most important archeological site in Epirus. The site dates from 1000BC, and was the location of the Oracle of Zeus, second only to Delphi. The amphitheatre, which is still in good condition, is one of the largest in Greece with a capacity of 18,000 people.


Parga is a small coastal town located in South West Epirus , between the cities of Preveza and Igoumenitsa. The town forms the shape of an amphitheater around the bay near the Venetian castle and has an island-like atmosphere.. It’s one of Greece’s most scenic towns with some beautiful, unspoiled sandy beaches and a breath-taking view across the bay. Those who prefer to explore and discover will find numerous historical sites and ancient mystical places. Parga is also a gateway to the picturesque islands of Paxi, Antipaxi and Corfu.

Ancient Nikopolis

Ancient Nikopolis is situated in the suburbs of the city of Preveza. It was built by Octavian in 31 BC to celebrate his victory over Anthony and Cleopatra in Aktion. It was a beautiful city with temples, theatres, gymnasiums and thermal baths. It was a communications hub between Rome and its dominions. Today, part of the stadium, the two theatres, the amphitheatre, the aqueduct and the fortification walls are still preserved. Mosaics which are considered to be of the most beautiful in Greece have beem unearthed at Nikopolis.


Syvota is a picturesque village on the coast of the Ionian Sea, in Thesprotia. Just a half-hour drive from the capital of Thesprotia, Igoumenitsa, it is the best-known resort in the region. Syvota is a region blessed by nature, built in an idyllic landscape with verdant hills around an enchanting bay with islets reminiscent of Norwegian fjord and spotless beaches.


Katogi Averoff : The Grand Suite

The Grand Suite

The Grand Suite (approx. 40 m2) is the most spacious suite and has a fireplace. It comprises a comfortable bedroom and living room with a sofa couch and can accommodate four people in total.



The Suites (approx. 38 m2 – two units in total) have a fireplace (all except the junior suite) and can sleep up to four people.


The Junior Suite

The Junior Suite (approx. 35 m2) can accommodate up to four people and offers wonderful views of the winery and the mountain.


Superior Rooms

The Superior Rooms (approx. 30 m2 – five units in total) enjoy all the facilities of a standard room, but are even more spacious offering capacity for a third person. Most also have a balcony offering wonderful views of the winery and the mountain.


Standard Rooms

The Standard Rooms (approx. 25 m2 – six units in total) are equipped with every modern comfort, enjoy views over the winery or the local Epirote landscape, and provide an environment conducive to relaxation. This room category can accommodate up to two people.
Available room for persons with mobility limitations.

Restaurants and Bars

Greek Breakfast: Katogi Averoff hotel is participating in the “Greek Breakfast”, an initiative of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels. The “Greek Breakfast” has been designed and implemented since 2010, with the main purpose to enrich the breakfast offered in Greek hotels, with unique products of the Greek land, and traditional local dishes of each region of Greece.

Restaurant: Dining in the hotel restaurant is an integral part of the Katogi Averoff experience, both for the hotels guests as well as for the visitors of the winery. We serve traditional dishes with locally-sourced ingredients cooked to centuries-old recipes and customs. Of particular note are the local cheeses “Metsovone” and “Metsovela” which pair perfectly with the native wines of Yiniets, Greece’s highest vineyards.

Wine Bar: Selected wines from the Katogi Averoff collection are available for guests to enjoy at leisure after the tasting tour, accompanied by a wide selection of finger food, e.g. ham & local cheese platter etc.

Romance Dinner: Enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner at the Katogi Averoff Winery. Prior reservation required.

Katogi Averoff Collection:


  • Autonomous heating
  • Free Wi-Fi internet access
  • Pre-stocked mini bar & safe deposit box
  • TV & DVD
  • Bathroom with shower
  • High quality bed linen
  • Branded bathroom amenities
  • Hairdryer

Katogi Averoff Boutique (located in the Katogi Averoff Winery): Offering not only a full range of wines but also gifts and mementos that are perfect for wine lovers and those who want to remember their trip to Metsovo. The boutique stocks various products and accessories for wine such as corkscrews, glasses and decanters.

There is also a range of local delicacies that make ideal gifts as well as many books on wine and winemaking, and guides to the local area.

The facility can also be booked for celebrations, cultural activities and corporate events.

Our location

Media Gallery


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