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We have created a useful business tool that’s aimed at the entire ecosystem of Greek wine today: winemakers, importers, distributors, merchants, hospitality professionals, tourists, as well as winelovers and consumers. We invite you to use it, to make the most of it, in order to bring Greek wine closer to you, for professional or personal/casual purposes, wherever in the world you may be. On our part, we promise to keep its content accurate, interesting and up-to-date at all times. Just say the words “I love Greek wine” and the most magical journey will begin!

Ted Lelekas


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#seeyouinGreece – a food and wine adventure close to Athens!

How far do you need to drive from the center of Athens to enjoy an unforgettable day full of ancient mythology, beautiful landscapes, wine and food?

Just over 30 minutes, argues Ted Lelekas, and invites us to watch, as he proves it!

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the first Ilovegreekwine.com mixed case!

Wine Club

Every month, our team of experts selects a special mixed case of Greek wine just for you. They may be wines from an upcoming region, typical examples of a particular grape variety, a special vertical or representative highlights of a specific vintage or style. Whatever the theme, they will be wines that you definitely MUST try! And they will come to you, wherever you may be, in special packaging and with our very own tasting notes and pairing suggestions.